Code of Ethics

AAFAME (Austin Association of Facility and Maintenance Engineers) is dedicated to promoting the highest level of professionalism, integrity, sound judgment and wisdom available in the commercial property and asset management industry.  Designed to foster trust and encourage mutual respect among those in these industries, this code of ethics also protects the tenants, visitors, and guests of commercial properties entrusted to our care.  This code of ethics and commitment exercised by each member will increase the transparency and esteem between both parties while encouraging fair and healthy competition.

I.    Professionalism
Members of AAFAME are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in the normal routine of their duties so as to enhance the dignity of their profession and their affiliation with the Association.

II.    Responsibility to Employers
Each member shall behave in a manner consistent with the stated goals of his or her firm and/or employer. No member shall act out of a motive of personal gain apart from the knowledge and consent of the employer and/or firm. No disclosure of information by a member of AAFAME shall be used for his or her employer’s disadvantage.

III.    Confidentiality
Each member shall maintain as confidential any legitimate business information provided in confidence until and unless given permission to disclose it by the source or for the length of time that confidentiality is legally required.  

IV.    Fair Dealing
Each member shall strive to deal fairly with his or her fellow members, competitors, vendors, employer, and employees. No member, regardless of role, shall take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practice. No member of AAFAME shall align himself with any vendor, contractor or supplier for the express purpose of personal gain.  No member of AAFAME shall ever knowingly say or do anything which may jeopardize the position of another member with his or her employer.

V.    Financial Management
Each board member and/or committee chair shall control the funds and property entrusted to them in such a way as to protect the client and client's assets from any reasonably foreseeable losses.

VI.    Continuing Education
Each designee shall strive to remain knowledgeable in the subject material of his or her role by taking courses and seminars offered by AAFAME, BOMI International, ASHRAE, and others, reading industry periodicals, and consulting and sharing information within the industry network in the designee's area.

VII.    Duty to Former Clients and Former Firms or Employers
All duties and obligations of a member to clients, employers, and vendors as specified will also apply to former clients, employers, and vendors.  A member should behave professionally, for whatever reason or rationale, relationships are terminated between a member and his/her client firm or employer.  

Any member that is found to have acted in an unethical manner, by the board of directors, and is voted on as such, by a quorum of, and at an Executive board meeting will result in the individual’s dues not being accepted for the following year, nor will that person be considered for future membership, unless otherwise stated at the time voting takes place.