Career Path


The property management industry is having trouble obtaining entry level and experienced building engineers. There are a great number of statistics out there that validate the existence of this issue.

For every 5 building engineers that are leaving the industry, only 1 building engineer is entering it, and there is a large majority of building engineers in our local area and nation-wide that will be at retirement age within the next 10 years.

If we havent already, we need to ask ourselves, who is going to be qualified to keep these multi-million-dollar properties mechanically operational?

With this issue in mind, AAFAME created a task force to develop a career path for those interested in the industry and the basic skills needed in order to be qualified for entry level jobs as well as how to progress to senior management.


Basic skills and tool usage suggested for building technicians

Hearing, lifting, housekeeping, spills, chemical knowledge MSDS, fire/life safety, equipment familiarity, reporting accidents/incidents
Repairing sinks, faucets, flush valves etc. Knowing where the main/primary shut off valves are located. Knowing where the floor and other secondary valves are located and their uses.
Screwdrivers, files, nutdrivers, retractable box cutting knifes, drywall saw, levels, multiple types of plyers, channel locks (smooth and grip jaw), wire cutters, measuring tape, wrenches, ladders.
Property dependent. Corded and cordless drills and bits, saws, grinders etc...
Along with general electrical safety, learn to utilize a basic electric meter. AC/DC and ohms would be a good start. Train with using standard electrical outlets, or other basic safe electrical devices for training. Lockout/Tagout.
Learn standard building systems equipment names, abbreviations and industrial identification, i.e. HVAC, airhandler, VAV, urinal/water closet, boiler, EMS, BAS, riser etc...
This may be more site specific, but setting up a ladder correctly is more important as ever.
Where is the fire alarm panel B. Device names and abbreviations, i.e. A/V, pull station, strobe.
Site and company specific. From simply grinding or punching out keys, changing out a cylinder or key core (depending on the type), to tearing down and reversing lockset operation.
A. Common knowledge of computer applications and programs. This will help in training to review and process service requests/PM's. Many properties have programs and applications that are company specific, time and attendance, training, personal information and benefits portal, etc...


The following are examples of Job Descriptions from entry to management level positions. Below that is the recommended education to seek to further your career & experience.  See the education section below for details on how to get this education.


AAFAME recommends the following education partners for their designation or skilled trade programs for the skills that can be applied to a career in building & facility property management.  

AAFAME offers scholarships to those who wish to pursue education in the building maintenance industry (for members only).

Austin Community College. In particular, the following programs:

  • HVAC
  • Welding
  • Building Construction
  • Pre-Apprentice Electrician &
  • Plumbing

Skillpoint Alliance. In particular, the following programs:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing

Southern Careers Institute. In particular, the following programs:

  • HVAC
  • Welding

Texas State Technical College. In particular, the following programs:

  • HVAC Technician
  • Industrial Electrical Systems &
  • Welding Technology

U.S. Green Building Council. In particular the following programs:


Most of the schools or organizations listed above offer a variety of schedules, tuition and career placement assistance.

Visit our Career Center to see what jobs are available at this time. The jobs can range from entry to advanced level positions.  Follow the instructions on each job posting on how to apply or submit resume. 

(NOTE: Jobs posted in our Career Center is not a comprehensive list of all jobs available in Austin & Surronding areas - it's only a sampling of jobs submitted by our members & guests).