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Member Spotlight: David Fowler, Endeavor at Frost Bank Tower

Thursday, November 15, 2018  
Name: David Fowler

Current Career: Lead Building Engineer with Endeavor at the Frost Bank Tower

Current Position in AAFAME: Engineer member (10 years), Board of Directors (Secretary)

Past Jobs: Like the bumper sticker says: “I got to Texas as fast as I could” from Massachusetts in 1995 to startup the Texas Electronic Driver’s License production for Polaroid. In 1998 my boss said he’s moving me to Oregon to startup another facility and I said, “Nope I’m staying here” and so for the last 20 years from Building Engineer to Facilities Manager and finally landing at the Frost Bank Tower.

What was one of the most unusual experiences that happened as a building engineer? Without going into details on the company, in one of my previous positions, I had been there about a month. One morning while surveying one of my buildings I had a tenant step up in my face grasp his fist and “wanted to take me outside”. Apparently, he had been so upset with the cold building temperatures for years he wanted something done about it NOW. I introduced myself and I assured him I would investigate it and make it right. He said, “that’s what they all said” and walked away. Long story short I did hire an engineer with HVAC experience for the building and got money to install a new boiler. I assume the tenant is okay since he still has his practice there.

Professional Aspirations: To inspire young professionals to consider a building engineering career path. We know the stigma of the “maintenance guy” the rest of the world sometimes thinks; tool belt, hammer, wrench and a t-shirt two sizes too small. This is not us and we know the shortage of engineers is not just Austin, Texas. AAFAME is on a road to bring in and educate the younger generation that it is a respectable professional career. I like to see BOMA who has brought the shortage issue to light at their national level step up their lobbying for Building and Plant Engineering programs in our schools and community colleges.

Five Minutes of Fame: Wednesday night, October 27, 2004

Lives with: I live in Round Rock with my two boys; Christopher and Michael along with the family pet Chico a min pin.

Hobbies: Got into genealogy about two years ago when family rumors emerged of being descendants of the Mayflower. It’s amazing what falls out of a tree when you shake it! And yes, it looks like I am.

Pet Peeves: It never ever fails either I let someone in front of me or they cut in front me and they automatically raise the texting arm and texting fingers tap away! Thank you, Ford, for giving me one big a#s horn in my truck!

If you could do it all over again what would you change: If I could change the past I would have met my wife Leticia 10 years earlier. I met Leticia during a Polaroid project in Mexico. We overcame the language and cultural differences. She knew very little English and I knew even less Spanish. My $3.95 pocket translation book made it all happen! A year later we were married. Had two sons and celebrated our 27th anniversary before her passing.

If money and time were no object, how would you spend your days: Living on my own private tropical island, boat and satellite TV with all the sports packages.

Favorite Quote, Saying or Song: “The price of greatness is responsibility” – Winston Churchill

One of your 2018 Goals: My goals with AAFAME go beyond 2018. If the “man upstairs” and the AAFAME family allows me, December 2020, I will be standing at the AAFAME podium referencing all the new engineers that have gone through the AAFAME Engineering Training Program.

Your favorite thing about AAFAME: There was never a moment when an AAFAME member; engineering or vendor, reached out for help and didn’t get it. We have a ton of talent in AAFAME and our members are the first ones there offering up their talent.

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