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Member Spotlight: Mike Shirrell, HPI

Sunday, September 30, 2018  

 Name: Mike Shirrell                    

Current Career: Chief Engineer, HPI

Current Position in AAFAME: Co-Chair vendor Expo/ Chili Slam Committee

Past Jobs: Enco Properties, Austin State Hospital (met Amy Ables back then), and was in the Air Force.

Professional Aspirations: I really like what I do, I don’t think there is anywhere else to go from here, definitely not a property manager. I enjoy teaching the new people coming into the industry. My 14 year old daughter wants to get involved with this industry and I enjoy teacher her the trade.

What do you want to do when you grow up: Fly a helicopter/Cessna airplane.

What was one of the most unusual experiences that happened as a building engineer? Ghosts are real and anyone who has worked at the Austin State Hospital confirms this is true. You can hear a woman walking in high heels in one of buildings and it is very creepy.

Five Minutes of Fame: Crew chief in the Air Force, able to protect an airplane from a fire and received a letter from the Commander in recognition.

Lives with: Daughter, 2 birds and a German Shepard who doesn’t like the outdoors named Boots.

Hobbies: Flies remote control planes and drones.

Pet Peeves: Not being honest whether it is good news or bad news.

If you could do it all over again what would you change: Continue going to school and get into the mechanical design work and not as much as the repair work.

If money and time were no object, how would you spend your days: If I didn’t have to work I would do more volunteer work. Give to people who need more.

Favorite Quote, Saying or Song: Favorite Song: Wind Beneath Your Wings

One of your 2018 Goals: Personal Goals, purchased a 16’ sailboat and wants to get the motor running and get out to enjoy the lake.

Your favorite thing about AAFAME: Hearing the different stories from other building engineers. I would really like to mix up the tables for the luncheons and get more engineers to socialize with other engineers than their normal group.

Additional advice: Never burn a bridge with who you work with. Our industry is close and everyone knows everyone.

Interview by Sara Camp, Beckwith Electronic Systems, Inc

Photo by Brett Weiss, Mercury Communications

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