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Give Yourself a Chance!

Thursday, August 16, 2018  

With the call for nominations recently posted on the web site, I would like to share some brief comments about my own experience as a committee leader and where it has lead me.

My original reason for joining a committee were somewhat selfish.  When I became aware of the existence of a Training Committee, an idea had materialized in my mind.  I could join the committee and I could suggest training topics that would be good for my staff and help them in their knowledge and capabilities growth.  I signed up to join the Training Committee and although I didn’t know it at the time, I had started down the path that would change my professional life.

This was the first association committee meeting in my life.  Before the meeting had ended, I somehow had been nominated as the incoming committee co-chairman.  It was great and certainly played into my selfish plan, but I had no idea what a committee co-chair was supposed to do.  I found it calming to realize that I had the remainder of the year as a committee member and could spend that time taking notes and learning.

As it turns out, my selfish diabolical plan to influence the trainings that were to be offered, was not so selfish or diabolical.  The suggestions for training classes turned out to be good topics for everyone.  With input coming in from others in the group, we continued the training successes of past committees and possibly slightly increased the level of quality for the training offerings.

The following year, as the Training Committee chairman, the great ideas and successes kept coming.  The committee had a very successful year and these successes allowed me to be appointed to the Board of Directors.  From there I was able to support the Training Committee and their continued successes for several more years.

This year my position in the organization is that of President.  It is the professional highlight of my career and it looks really good on a resume.  2018 is likely to be the biggest year ever for AAFAME and I am incredibly proud to be this year’s leader.  The person that I have become was new to me, but it is not a different person.  It was something that I unknowingly always had inside of me and that has been brought out by the wonderful people and surroundings of this organization.  Regardless of whether your reasons are selfish or not, join a committee.  See what hidden skills may be inside you waiting to make a difference in the professional lives of those around you as well as yourself.

Joe McLaughlin, 2018 President

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