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No, We Don't Advocate! But we Educate

Tuesday, March 20, 2018  

I was speaking with someone that I had just met at a recent association luncheon.  She had seen a photo that had been circulating throughout the company and I was in the photo.  As I explained the photo was from an AAFAME event, the conversation naturally evolved into what AAFAME was all about.  She was aware of recent local legislation related to buildings and commented that we probably had our hands full with that.  My first thought was that we should have had our hands full with that, but we did not.  I remembered that I had asked that question several years ago and suggested that AAFAME be more active in the legislative process.  As all of this was going through my mind, I was able to get a sensible answer to formulate and to come out of my mouth.  I told her “no” AAFAME does not do a lot of those types of activities.  I went on to describe to her the mutually supportive relationship that AAFAME has with BOMA and how BOMA was much better at taking on the legislative challenges.  I paused for a moment realizing that I had shared something that AAFAME does not do but had left her hanging about what AAFAME is and does.  I briefly considered the small amount of time that had passed with this conversation that I had put on pause and made the determination that the subject we were talking about was still alive and there would be nothing awkward about continuing it.  I then proudly shared with her that AAFAME’s focus is on the professional development and advancement of facilities and maintenance engineers.  Textbook, just like I was reading it straight from the AAFAME website.  Once again inside my head, I am proudly visualizing the piece of the puzzle that AAFAME possesses and how important of a piece that is.  There are things that AAFAME does not do and that is okay, because the things that AAFAME does do, are exemplary.


Joe McLaughlin – President
Austin Association of Facilities and Maintenance Engineers

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