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President Message

Friday, January 12, 2018  

2017 was a successful year under the leadership of Omar Heras.  Many thanks to the committee chairs, co-chairs and members for carrying out the necessary tasks that lead to this successful year.  Listed below are 3 goals that myself and my fellow board members will be working on this year, to continue the chain of success.

  • The training classes and luncheon speakers were “hits” again this year.  The Training and Programs committees, with the support of the Board, should continue to identify, qualify and schedule professional and effective speakers and trainers.  I believe there to be a number of vendors who have quality trainers and speakers that would be willing to help in the achievement of this goal.
  • There is a shortage of quality technicians in this city and I feel that it is an innate responsibility of organizations such as AAFAME to contribute towards relief of this shortcoming, especially since it would be to our own membership’s benefit.  Another goal for 2018 is to initiate programs and build relationships with the appropriate entities that would allow for an increased awareness and interest in this industry.
  • A third goal for 2018 is to reinforce leadership capabilities for committee chairs and co-chairs as well as board members.  Leaders are always needed in numerous roles of this organization and although it is important to know when to say no, it is even more important to step up and say yes.  The board will be working with the Leadership Committee to provide the potential leaders in this organization, with skills that will give them the confidence needed to raise their leadership capabilities to an appropriate level.

When I came to Austin in May of 2010 I had been in this industry for about 25 years.  I was excited to be in Austin Texas and to be working for Omni Hotels & Resorts but I did not have any expectations of professional growth for myself at that point in my career.  Discovering AAFAME has allowed me to continue to grow professionally.  The resources of knowledge and the capacities of action are both abundantly available in AAFAME and is that gives the membership a leveraged ability to get things done and to get to where they want to be professionally.  Every hand we shake and every introduction we make, creates new potential pathways in our personal and professional lives.   It is true that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.  This association provides some great surroundings and I am looking forward to working towards a successful 2018.


Joe McLaughlin - President
Austin Association of Facility and Maintenance Engineers

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